A-Q – God’s Engineering 2 (Album)

A-Q‘s “Blueprint” is a game-changing track that has taken the Nigerian music industry by storm. With its catchy beats, clever lyrics, and smooth flow, this song has become an instant hit among fans of rap and hip hop.


A-Q, who is known for his thought-provoking and socially conscious music, has once again proved his talent with this track.

Blueprint” is just one of the many gems that can be found on A-Q’s latest release, “God’s Engineering 2 EP.” This extended playlist is a testament to A-Q’s artistic vision and his ability to create music that resonates with listeners. From start to finish, the EP is a journey through A-Q’s mind, as he explores themes of love, loss, and self-discovery.

If you’re a fan of Nigerian music or just enjoy good music in general, then “Blueprint” is a must-add to your playlist. It’s a song that will have you nodding your head and tapping your feet in no time. And if you haven’t checked out “God’s Engineering 2 EP” yet, then you’re missing out on some of the best music to come out of Nigeria in recent years.

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