From Skits to Success The Rise of Nigerian Actor and

From Skits to Success: The Rise of Nigerian Actor and Skit Maker, Bernard Ossai

From Skits to Success The Rise of Nigerian Actor and

Nigerian actor and skit maker, Bernard Ossai, also known as Ben Cash, has revealed that he has no desire to leave Nigeria, despite the popular trend among young Nigerians to seek opportunities abroad. Ossai stated that he loves his country and has multiple businesses and properties there. He believes that working with international content creators is a better option than “japa.” Skit-making has transformed his life, bringing him fame, fortune, and the ability to pursue his dream career. He advises aspiring skit makers to make use of social media, be creative in their craft, and remain humble on their journey to success.
From Skits to Success: The Rise of Nigerian Actor and Skit Maker, Bernard Ossai

Many young Nigerians dream of seeking greener pastures abroad, commonly known as ‘japa’. However, actor and skit maker Bernard Ossai, also known as Ben Cash, is choosing to stay in Nigeria instead.

In a statement shared with Saturday Beats, he said, “I am proud to be Nigerian. I love Nigeria and I have various businesses, land, and property here. Instead of leaving the country, I prefer to collaborate with international content creators like myself. I am currently working on creating content with foreign skit makers as well.”

Ossai believes that skit-making has transformed his life for the better, bringing him fame and wealth that he never thought he would achieve in any other profession.

He said, “Skit-making has completely turned my life around. Through skits, I have been able to earn good money, gain recognition, and acquire property. My parents wanted me to pursue law or politics, which are commendable paths, but I don’t think I would have reached this level of success. Besides fame and fortune, I am living my dream because this is what I have always loved and wanted to do. I faced many challenges to get to this point, but everything is good now.”

Ben Cash, known for his comedic videos and skits, began his comedy career in 2013 as part of the group Sirbalo Comedy Clinic. He won the Indomie BelleFull Comedy Challenge 2.0 in 2016 and has since established himself as one of Nigeria’s top content creators.

Speaking about his acting career, he said, “Acting has always been my dream. With the support of my friend Sirbalo, after he finished studying filmmaking, we formed a group called Sirbalo Comedy Clinic and started creating our skits.”

Ossai emphasized that skit-making is an accessible and enjoyable pursuit, and he offered some advice to aspiring skit makers on how to excel in the field.

He stated, “Skit making is something you can do with just your phone and in the comfort of your room, without much stress. My advice to up-and-coming skit makers is to make effective use of social media. Nowadays, not everyone has to perform on a stage to make people laugh. I encourage them to be creative in their craft because there are many others doing it as well. Lastly, humility is also an important part of the journey.”


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