Top 5 Nigerian Money Moguls You Can Benefit From Their Constant Giveaway and Philanthropic Obsession On Social Media

Philanthropic Money Moguls: Nigerian Icons Changing Lives through Social Media

Top 5 Nigerian Money Moguls You Can Benefit From Their Constant Giveaway and Philanthropic Obsession On Social Media

This content discusses the philanthropic activities of five Nigerian money moguls on social media. Obi Cubana, known for his luxurious lifestyle, gained fame after his mother’s extravagant funeral and continues to display philanthropic qualities on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Davido, a popular Afrobeat artist, has a passion for uplifting extraordinary talents and has raised large sums of money for orphanages in Nigeria. Cubana Chief Priest, a close friend of Obi Cubana and Davido, also engages in philanthropy through Instagram. E-Money, recognized as one of the youngest billionaires in Nigeria, constantly gives away money on Instagram and Twitter. Lastly, Femi Otedola, the second richest man in Nigeria, focuses on philanthropy that benefits the whole of Africa, partnering with global firms and sponsoring education for over 1 million civilians.
The World of prosperous statuses is remarkably beautiful and continuously expanding, benefiting even those who are not part of it. In Nigeria, the money moguls are typically not fond of social media due to their busy schedules. However, everyone has different preferences. Despite their hectic lives, we have witnessed a significant number of wealthy individuals who have embraced social media and shared their extravagant lifestyles. They have also shown a passion for helping others and ensuring that people enjoy their presence on social media. In this article, we will highlight the top 5 Nigerian money moguls who engage in philanthropy on social media.

Obi Cubana

Obinna “Obi” Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, takes the first spot in this category. He is highly admired for his philanthropic endeavors on social media. Obi Cubana gained fame after he diverted attention from Wizkid’s birthday to his mother’s Funeral Ceremony. The lavish ceremony in Anambra State captivated people and made them fall in love with him. Although he has always been known for his philanthropy, it was the iconic funeral ceremony that brought him widespread recognition. Obi Cubana frequently gives out cash online through his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. He also supports talented individuals by sponsoring those who capture his interest. Currently, he sponsors over 30 talented people of his choice.


David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, is not only known for his musical talents but also for his philanthropic efforts. Davido’s upbringing instilled in him a passion for philanthropy, and he has consistently demonstrated this throughout his life. He has lifted more than 50 people out of poverty and often surprises his fans with monetary gifts through his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Like Obi Cubana, Davido attributes his wealth to God and believes in uplifting extraordinary talents. According to sources, Davido allocates 80% of his earnings to his signees in the DMW record label to improve their well-being. Last year, he raised 260 million Naira and donated it to several orphanages in Nigeria. Keep an eye on Davido’s social media pages as his multiple ambassadorial deals often involve cash giveaways.

Cubana Chief Priest

Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu, commonly known as Cubana Chief Priest, is another Nigerian money mogul who embraces philanthropy. His love for the social media lifestyle is evident, and he is best friends with Obi Cubana and Davido. Cubana Chief Priest has uplifted numerous individuals from poverty and frequently gives away money through his Instagram handle. It’s worth noting that he is not active on Facebook and Twitter. Unlike Davido and Obi Cubana, Cubana Chief Priest is more steadfast in his decision-making process and doesn’t change his mind easily.


Emeka Okonkwo, a Nigerian money mogul, entrepreneur, and businessman, holds the fourth spot in this category. He is known for his constant display of philanthropy on Instagram and recently expanded his charitable endeavors to Twitter. E-Money is recognized as one of the youngest multi-billionaires in Nigeria, and his net worth speaks to the magnitude of his success. He also has a penchant for nurturing talents and has helped launch the careers of artists like Skibii, Kcee, Harrysong, and Iyanya. Keep an eye on E-Money’s social media accounts as he often gives away money and engages with his fans.

Femi Otedola

Femi Otedola, the second richest man in Nigeria, stands out from the rest of the money moguls due to his philanthropic approach that benefits the entire continent of Africa. He forms partnerships with global firms and prominent individuals, providing job opportunities for numerous people. Femi Otedola enjoys showcasing his luxurious lifestyle and generously showering his children with wealth, which serves as inspiration to many. Sources reveal that he holds the record for sponsoring over 1 million individuals in education.

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