The Shift from Authentic Storytelling Filmmakers Concerns and Challenges

The Shift from Authentic Storytelling: Filmmakers’ Concerns and Challenges

The Shift from Authentic Storytelling Filmmakers Concerns and Challenges

Filmmaker Emem Isong-Misodi has voiced her concern over the industry’s shift away from telling authentic stories. She believes that filmmakers are focusing too much on technical aspects and not enough on storytelling. Isong-Misodi believes that story should be the priority and that even with a small budget, she is particular about her stories. She also discussed the challenges she faced as a female filmmaker, including a lack of funding and representation. Isong-Misodi is passionate about telling authentic stories and believes that more women are now taking control in the industry.
The Shift from Authentic Storytelling: Filmmakers' Concerns and Challenges

According to Emem Isong-Misodi, a well-known filmmaker, there is a trend among filmmakers to stray from telling authentic stories. She is concerned about this shift in the industry, which applies not only to African narratives but to storytelling in general.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Isong-Misodi expressed her belief that the story is of utmost importance. She highlighted the fact that filmmakers are now devoting more attention to the technical aspects of filmmaking, while neglecting the proper execution of stories.

She stated, “Even if I earn a small amount of money, I am very particular about the stories I tell.”

Isong-Misodi also discussed the challenges she faced at the beginning of her career, including the lack of funding and the scarcity of female filmmakers. She noted that unlike in the past, women now have more opportunities to take charge behind the camera.

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