Fantasia Barrino Speaks Out Against Alleged Racial Profiling at Airbnb


Fantasia Barrino is speaking out after an alleged incident at an Airbnb.

The American Idol winner took to X (previously known as Twitter) to share details on what she claims was “racial profiling” at the hands of her Airbnb host. “My stomach is so uneasy this morning as I’m riding back to my home in the cold and rain,” she wrote. “I don’t say much when people do me wrong, but I can’t stay quiet on how my family and I were just treated from a host with @Airbnb @airbnbhelp trying to kick my kids and I out at 12:00 midnight.”

She claimed that the host “accused” Fantasia of having a party “because they saw balloons being dropped off and a game truck with no generator in the early part of the day.” The singer and actress continued, “The amount of guests we reserved for are the amount of guests who stayed the night. They never said we weren’t allowed to have any company over!

Fantasia said that the house was clearly designed for parties, as there was a game room, poker table and even equipment leftover from a previous event. “It’s evident to me this was racial profiling and the treatment we received was due to the color of our skin,” she claimed.

“I wanted my son to enjoy his friends and make him feel special as I have been traveling for the last 35+ days promoting a movie I starred in. This time, I dare not stay quiet.”

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