Incredible Account: Nigerian Traditional Cleric Reveals Details of Abduction and Heroic Actions

“Why I didn’t escape from my abduction” Kidnapped Anambra Celebrity Chief Priest, Akwaokuko breaks silence as he regains freedom (Video)
Incredible Account Nigerian Traditional Cleric Reveals Details of Abduction and

Akwaokuko Tiwara Aki, a traditional cleric in Nigeria, has spoken out about his recent abduction. He was kidnapped at his hotel by armed men who were passionate about achieving Biafran freedom. Akwa Okuko explained that he did not resist the attack because he was concerned about the safety of innocent civilians. He mentioned that the armed men killed two of his security officers and intended to kidnap around 50 people from his hotel. Some Nigerians are skeptical about the situation as it continues to unfold on social media.

Veteran Nigerian traditional cleric who is popularly known as Akwaokuko Tiwara Aki has broken silence amid the toll of his abduction.

Recall that in the recent trend, Naijafavourite earlier reported that the herbal mogul was kidnapped at his PPP Hotel in Oba, Anambra State by heavily armed men who were keen on abducting him.


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Panic swerved even heated after several sources confirmed that the two security officers on duty were shot dead portraying just the grief of the armed men.

Having returned from the shocking abduction, Akwa Okuko has detailed what really transpired between him and the armed men.

According to him, the aggrieved armed men did abduct him but were not for the people’s instinct as he revealed that they were passionate about attaining Biafran’s freedom. Being a recognised status in the eastern part of the country, the Kidnappers abducted him to show their key solidarity to achieving possible Biafran Liberty.

Disclosing why he failed to desist their attack, he vowed that he was vastly concerned about the innocent civilians that would have been drained if he escaped the attack with his traditional power.

His words:

“What really happened was that I was there (at home) that day, at around 11:30am, when someone called me and said they were at my hotel, and that they were spending money, and had spent close to N300,000, and that they would have wanted me to be around.

“I obliged them and drove to the hotel all by myself, in my new car. No one came with me. I was there, and not up to 30 minutes later, gunshots rented the air. People started running helter-skelter. I now went out to see what was happening, and the people started shooting at me.

“They killed two of my security men. I don’t want to reveal much now, but I know that only two things can save a man. If your charms do not save you, your money will save you. Anyone who has charms should have money. So the people took me into their car. If I wanted to run away, I would have run away, but I have seen those that were shot and I said if I leave, they would kill many people. A lot of people were lying down, and if I wanted to leave, they would have killed many.

“The story too would have been that the whole thing started when I came in, meaning that I was the one who brought in kidnappers. I decided to follow them to show that my hands were clean. What I did was to save many souls. If you think they took me because I ate people’s money, let me tell you I did not. If I eat your money, come to me I will give you money because I have money.”

He added; “This whole thing is related to this sit-at-home people, and they mentioned names of more people they will take, but it’s not something I can say now. They killed many in front of me. They killed up to 20 people before me. I did not take anyone’s money, they just came to kidnap and their target is people who have money. They wanted to kidnap as many as 50 people from my hotel that day, but I rather followed them”.

Some Nigerians are in doubt as the saga continues to trail via all the social media platforms.

Watch Video below;


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