J.O.B song by DJ Steel Ft. Tobless


The J.O.B song by DJ Steel Ft. Tobless is a perfect blend of unique beats, catchy lyrics, and melodious vocals. The song’s title, J.O.B, stands for “Just Obey the Boss,” and it sends a strong message of obedience to listeners.


The beat is a fusion of different genres, including Afrobeats, dancehall, and hip hop, making it a versatile track that can appeal to a wide range of music lovers.

DJ Steel‘s exceptional production skills are evident in this track, and Tobless’ smooth and captivating vocals add a touch of elegance to the song. The lyrics are relatable, and the message is clear, making J.O.B a song that is both entertaining and educative.

The J.O.B song has been well-received by music lovers in Nigeria and beyond, with many praising DJ Steel and Tobless for their unique and outstanding performance. The song’s popularity has continued to soar, with many radio stations and DJs playing it on repeat.


In conclusion, the J.O.B song by DJ Steel Ft. Tobless is a must-listen for anyone who loves good music. It is a testament to the talent and creativity of Nigerian musicians and a reminder of the beauty of the Nigerian music industry. Whether you are driving, working out, or just relaxing, this song is guaranteed to keep you entertained and uplifted.