Kizz Daniel Reveals Emotional New Track “Double” in Honor of His Wife Alongside Stunning Music Video

The internationally acclaimed music artist, KIZZ DANIEL, is preparing for the release of his latest single, ‘Double’, which is a heartfelt tribute to his spouse. The music video will also feature his wife as the lead character, emphasizing themes of love and family while maintaining his track record of producing chart-topping hits.

With his signature blend of Afrobeat rhythms, catchy choruses, and soulful melodies, ‘Double’ presents a vibrant and romantic anthem that resonates with fans globally. The song celebrates love, partnership, and the joy of sharing life’s journey with a special someone. The accompanying music video will showcase intimate and joyful moments between Kizz Daniel and his spouse, providing fans with a glimpse of their beautiful relationship.

Kizz Daniel’s musical journey has been marked by continuous evolution, and ‘Double’ reflects his commitment to family values. Following a string of successful releases that showcase his versatility and dedication to creating music that appeals to various audiences, this single is another example of his artistic depth and narrative style.

With over four billion streams, two Shazam chart-toppers, sold-out tours worldwide, and a massive social media following, Kizz Daniel is a prominent figure in the afrobeats genre. His magnetic tone, captivating lyrics, and infectious musicality have catapulted him to stardom, with hits like ‘Twe Twe’, ‘Showa’, and ‘Too Busy to be Bae’ resonating with audiences.

As he continues to solidify his status as a musical powerhouse, Kizz Daniel’s latest releases and achievements in 2023 have further established him as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. The release of ‘Maverick’, his fourth studio album, Essence Festival headline performance, and collaborations with artists like Becky G have all contributed to his success.

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