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List Of Afrobeat Maestros who are addicted to Marijuana

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The beauty of fame and a prosperous status is enchanting but sometimes it also attracts temperaments and habits that influence the lives of its victims both positively and negatively.

Some are highly centred on addiction but the hard drug “marijuana” since the Nigerian music firm evolved into a gem in the whole world has dug deep in the lives of a vast number of Nigerian Afrobeat sensations.


Most of them however have been highly encircled by their addiction even before fame but have shown rigid reasons that Marijuana has earned its place in their lives.

From explorations, we have outlined some of the Nigerian Afrobeat icons who are highly addicted to Marijuana. We shall also discuss their status below.

List Of Afrobeat Maestros who are addicted to Marijuana

Naira Marley 


Azeez Adeshina Fashola who is popularly known as Naira Marley has quite strived so hard and earned his peak in the field of Afrobeat.

However, in the span of all this achievement, he is highly recognised for the addiction he has developed to Marijuana.

Even before fame, Naira Marley is known for his passion for marijuana. When he struck the limelight, in most of his media, music video and social media appearances, he is always spotted devouring smokes of Marijuana.

His reputation for Marijuana addiction is natural and he has not in any form shown regret or an attempt to get rid of smoking marijuana.




Afrobeat Sensation, a singer and songwriter who is poorly known as David Adeleke also fell into this category. He is in no doubt addicted to marijuana.

Davido however has made advances to stop the addiction but we keep spotting him with the substance on several occasions.

Davido is known publicly for his inborn musical qualities but was likely lured to smoking which evolved into marijuana addiction.

According to the singer, as disclosed in an interview, he was introduced to smoking by his hype identified as Spesh.

Ever since he tasted the substance and was lured to its addiction, he is yet to overcome its obsession.



If you are an Afrobeat enthusiast, you would testify to the peak Wizkid has achieved in the Afrobeat forum. He is completely a gem.

However, just like his colleagues, Wizkid is obsessed with marijuana having proven his passion for smoking.

Wizkid’s addiction to marijuana developed independently. He started smoking in his teens and has on several occasions shown signs of addiction.

Wizkid fans also have shown concern over his addiction but the Afrobeat maestro has shunned them with the claim that he drinks a lot of water daily which may likely quench the negative effect marijuana addiction may impact on his health status.

Kizz Daniel 



Despite that he has made several advances to quit smoking because of the welfare of his family, Kizz Daniel is widely known in Nigeria as a top cannabis addict.

Unlike Davido who was lured to the habit of smoking, Kizz Daniel learned to smoke by himself. Naturally, he got addicted to the substance and devoured an enormous number of cannabis.

He however attempted to quench the addiction for his family’s welfare but was spotted smoking three months after the saga.

Watch video below;

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