Moto (Video) by Timaya

Timaya – Moto (Video)
Timaya – Moto (Video)

Timaya – Moto (Video)

Nigerian music artist Timaya has released a visualizer for his latest single, “Moto.” The song features lyrics encouraging a partner to dance provocatively on top of his motorcycle. The video shows animated graphics of motorcycles and women dancing. Timaya has been active in the Nigerian music scene since 2005 and has released seven studio albums.

Nigerian music star, Timaya, has released an official visualizer for his latest single titled “Moto”. The song is a perfect combination of his unique style and the catchy beats that distinguish his music. The visualizer showcases a creative blend of animations and graphics that complement the song’s lyrics.

“Whine for me, oh baby gimme that, sit down pon it, scratch it like you Jimmy Jatt. Go down, go down, whine for Papi to, baby come bend pon me moto,” Timaya sings in the chorus. The song’s lyrics depict a passionate lover asking his partner to join him on a ride in his car.

The video captures the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of the song, with bold colors and graphics that make it visually appealing. Timaya is known for his ability to entertain and engage his audience with his music, and “Moto” is another hit that showcases his immense talent.

The music star has been in the industry for over a decade, and he has released several hit songs that have won him numerous accolades. His music blends African rhythms with Western influences, a style that has earned him a massive following across the continent and beyond.

Overall, the official visualizer of “Moto” is a must-see for fans of Timaya and lovers of African music. The song’s catchy beats and relatable lyrics make it a perfect addition to any playlist.

Timaya, a multi-talented Nigerian music icon and songwriter, has released the official visualizer for his exciting single, “Moto.”

Quotable Lyrics:

Whine for me
Oh baby gimme that
Sit down pon it, scratch it like you Jimmy Jatt
Go down, go down
Whine for Papi to
Baby come bend pon me moto

Anything for my baby
Girl you whine, you make my brain dey skip eee
Oh baby, I to to to, I to
Girl come enter my moto
Anything for my baby
Girl you make my brain just dey skip eee
Baby I to to to, I to
Girl come enter my moto

Watch the video below:


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