: Nigerian Instagram Influencer Mr Jollof Calls Out APC for “Using and Dumping” Him

“APC used and dumped me” – Nigerian Comedian, Mr Jollof
Nigerian Instagram Influencer Mr Jollof Calls Out APC for

Nigerian Instagram influencer and comedian, Mr Jollof, has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of using and abandoning him. In a viral video shared on Instagram, he expressed his disappointment in supporting the APC during the 2019 elections. Although he did not provide specific details, he mentioned his intention to join the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to regain his status and lost glory. Mr Jollof also criticized the rising fuel prices, stating that it affected everyone regardless of their political affiliations.

Nigerian Instagram influencer and Comedian, Freedom Okpetoritse Atsepoyi, who is famously known as Mr Jollof, has criticized the All Progressives Congress (APC) for using and abandoning him. He expressed his opinion through a viral video that he shared on his Instagram account.


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According to him, he had fervently supported Bola Ahmed, the APC presidential candidate during the 2023 Election. However, he has now realized that he was used and abandoned by the party. Although he did not elaborate on his grievances, he mentioned that he plans to join the PDP to rebuild his reputation and regain his lost glory.

Mr Jollof’s words:

“I initially supported Tinubu, but when I saw the people around him and how they used me, I realized that APC used me.”

“Fortunately, after reading Luke 15:1-32, I understood that the parable of the lost son is about returning to your father’s house after falling short of his glory. So, I went back to [Ifeanyi] Okowa. Okowa embraced me and welcomed me.”

“I’m here to tell you that Tinubu, I walked this world before you. But you accused me of speaking recklessly. But now, everyone is feeling the pinch of buying fuel for N617.”


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