Peruzzi Opens Up: Davido’s Generosity and Their Unwavering Loyalty

ishdiojsndih webp
ishdiojsndih webp

Famed singer, Peruzzi talks about Davido’s generosity towards him and how he pays him back, saying that the singer has never taken one naira from him for anything since knowing him.

He made this revelation while speaking in the Zero Conditions podcast.

Peruzzi, who had spoken about his first time meeting with Davido, said that the singer has never charged him for any collaboration, any feature or any partnership they’ve had on anything.

He revealed that generosity is in the singer’s nature and he gets to pay him back by being loyal to David.

The ‘Amaka’ crooner stated that David is such kind of person who never charged him for anything but could hit him up anytime to turn up for him.

Moreover, he noted that the collaborations that they have done, he (Peruzzi) gets his full royalties for them.

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