Portable’s Mother, Honey Berry, Claps Back at Controversial Singer

Honey Berry
Honey Berry

In response to the controversial singer Portable’s repeated calls for him, Honey Berry, the singer’s estranged mother, responded.

Honey Berry was accused by Portable of taking his son with her while she went to meet her boyfriend.

He threatened to deal with her if she didn’t return his child. He said that because the woman left him, she is unworthy of anything.

In response, Honey Berry revealed that although though Portable had been contacting her, he had still gone into her direct chat and pleaded for her to get back to him. The singer was going crazy, she said, for yelling on the internet and engaging in other private activities.

Not finished, the single mother advised her ex-boyfriend to go on and focus on a lucrative career.

Honey Berry went on to say that anything pertaining to her should not worry him because she was none of his business.

She gave him the warning to quit hating her posts and stalking her. Remember that Honey Berry had previously criticized the artist for failing to provide for his baby for a whole four months?

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