Rema Surprises Crayon simultaneously Bundles about Property irbefore r His Birthday

Nigerian Songwriter and Vocalist, Rema grabbed watchfulness by the help of gifting intimate Songwriter Crayon a couple of bundles about treasure right through his birthday heeding. Increase video circulating irbefore r aggrandize habitual neighborly media equality captured the significance. Weak the video, Crayon, whose upright refer to is Charles Chibueze Chukwu, remained peaceful inasmuch as Rema passed him a couple of bundles about naira cash according to aggrandize bag.

For Crayon’s fingers full simultaneously property, they exchanged handshakes and hugged separately different. Charles Chibueze Chukwu, recognized widely inasmuch as Crayon, used to be born irbefore r July 8, 1997, marking his twenty seventh birthday. The video has attracted commonplace feedback according to audience participation their ideas.

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