suggestion Cent Criticizes Madonnas Plastic Surgery Choices

suggestion: “50 Cent Criticizes Madonna’s Plastic Surgery Choices”

suggestion Cent Criticizes Madonnas Plastic Surgery Choices

American rapper 50 Cent has criticized singer Madonna for her plastic surgery in an Instagram post. He compared her anatomy to that of an ant and questioned why she didn’t have the surgery corrected despite her wealth. This has resulted in a feud between the two, despite their previous friendship in the 2000s when they were signed to the same record label. The feud started in 2011 when 50 Cent accused Madonna of releasing a song with the same name as one of his album’s songs. Their feud has gained attention recently.

50 Cent, an American rapper, has criticized singer Madonna for her plastic surgery.

In an Instagram post, the rapper compared Madonna’s anatomy to that of an ant. 50 Cent remarked that despite being wealthy, she didn’t correct her surgery.

He wrote;

“Wait, who the fvck did this?” She’s wealthy, so how come she didn’t get it fixed? I need the name of the fvcking doctor right now. Man, I mean, dang it! LOL”

With the help of a few Instagram posts, 50 Cent and Madonna went from friends to rivals. 50 Cent and Madonna were actually friends in the 2000s and even shared a record label. Images from that time show 50 Cent and Madonna cuddling, and interviews with the rapper show him praising her during her peak of fame.

Then, in 2011, there was controversy about 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, releasing music at the same time as Madonna, despite being on the same label. To make matters worse, the rapper realized that the Madonna song had the same name as one of his album’s songs, “Girls Gone Wild.”

Their beef has now taken precedence.



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