The Adorable Reaction of Davido’s Daughter Hailey to Seeing a Snail for the First Time

The Adorable Reaction of Davido's Daughter Hailey to Seeing

Hailey, the daughter of musician Davido, made headlines online when she saw a snail for the first time and screamed uncontrollably. In a video, Hailey expressed her amazement and couldn’t stop staring at the snail, finding it cute. The video received reactions from social media users, some expressing shock at the little girl’s reaction. Others made jokes or shared their own experiences with snails. Overall, the video of Hailey’s encounter with the snail went viral and sparked conversations online.

Hailey, the second child of the renowned afrobeat musician Davido, gained attention online when she screamed uncontrollably upon seeing a snail for the first time.

The daughter of Amanda and David Adeleke (Davido), Hailey Adeleke, was filled with wonder when she came across a snail crawling on the ground.

In the video, Hailey expressed her fascination with the snail, describing it as incredibly cute.

Hailey was hesitant to leave the spot where the snail was hiding, captivated as she watched the creature slowly move along the concrete floor.

The video garnered reactions from numerous social media users, some expressing astonishment at the little girl’s first encounter with a snail.

@f4fina: “It’s even cuter when well spiced in a pot.

@_chioma01: “She’s playing the role of a baby girl.”

@aquastudios_: “She’ll eventually understand.”

@ychinwalychi: “I went to fill gas yesterday and saw a snail crawling. I picked it up and when I got to the gas station, the Hausa boys there asked me if I eat them. I said yes, then they told me there were plenty and asked me to go around and collect more. I ended up gathering snails in the bush.”

@law_ren__tta: “The second slide is the real deal.”

@winnietee__event__supplies: “The third slide gets me.”

@______ariike: “Looks very cute in my pot when I roast it with pepper and onions.”

@temitope_the_taurean: “So cute, oh my goodness.”

@aquaaaastudy_: “She won’t understand.”


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