The Candid Confessions of Nicki Minaj: Parenting and Personal Challenges

The Candid Confessions of Nicki Minaj: Parenting and Personal Challenges

The Candid Confessions of Nicki Minaj: Parenting and Personal Challenges

Nicki Minaj revealed the challenges of parenting and almost broke up with her husband after giving birth. She candidly discussed the anxiety and lack of confidence in parenthood, expressing a wish that someone had warned her about it. Minaj and her husband navigated caring for their son without outside help, leading to testy moments. Additionally, she discussed their parenting choices, including not allowing their son to eat sweets or drink juice due to health concerns in their community. Minaj also expressed skepticism about the body positivity movement if it means promoting unhealthy bodies.

Nicki Minaj opened up about parenting and revealed she almost broke up with her hubby after giving birth.

She also got candid about the challenges that come with motherhood and said she wishes someone told her about them.

The Barbie World hitmaker also revealed that when she welcomed her son, she and her husband navigated his infant world without any outside help.

“I’m not going to lie, things got testy between us. Because of our history, I think we knew we’d get past it. But there’s no such thing as confidence in parenthood. I kind of wish that someone had told me — although I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to understand it — that there’s a level of anxiety, and you think it’s going to go away, but in fact, it gets scarier,” she said.

Minaj also opened up about parenting choices that she and Petty have made for their son, including not allowing him to eat sweets or drink juice.

“This is because of illnesses like diabetes that run in our community. I’m not in favour of body positivity if it means unhealthy bodies,” she shared. “That’s bull. It’s not believable, so let’s stop pretending,” she added.


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