The Defense of Joseph Aloba: Do2dtun speaks out on the misconstrued statements

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Media personality, Oladotun Kayode, popularly known as Do2dtun, recently defended Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer, Mohbad, on social media.

Mohbad’s father had expressed skepticism about his late son’s will, questioning how a 26-year-old could have created a thumbprint will. He was surprised that his intelligent son would use a thumbprint instead of signing the will.

Do2dtun took to his Instagram page to express that Nigerians tend to unfairly judge certain individuals because they are too emotional and not objective. He advised them to not misinterpret his statements, even if they dislike Mohbad’s father or think he did not express himself clearly.

He cautioned Nigerians to read, watch, and understand instead of just reading headlines and listening to rumors.

Do2dtun explained that the late singer’s father was implying that his son believed people were planning to take his property since he was too young to have a will. He also mentioned that the father suspects foul play.

Do2dtun stated:

“All Mohbad’s Dad was implying or trying to say is a young boy of that age didn’t write a will. He is too young to think that & for all the happenings he believes it was all orchestrated to take his property He suspects a foul play. Watch to understand not to comment.

“It might be medicine after death or before it. Let us try and understand a video for what it is and remember to comprehend before you comment. Nigerians we are too emotional rather than objective. You all might not like the father likewise or he might not know how to communicate his feelings properly but don’t misconstrue what he said. Don’t read headlines, follow hearsay, or read a few comments and join the bandwagon. Read to understand not reply… Iree o!.”


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