Tolani Baj’s Influence on J Hus and Drake’s Music

Tolani Baj, a former participant of Big Brother Naija, humorously mentioned her past controversial remarks about men dancing in clubs during an interview on Clout Radio. She jokingly claimed that her comment inspired British rapper J Hus’s song “Who Told You Bad Man Don’t Dance,” featuring Drake. While acknowledging that men are allowed to dance, she stressed the importance of doing so “respectfully.”

In her own words:

“I am a DJ, people can dance. Everybody can dance. You guys are still owing me from the tweet [that men shouldn’t dance in clubs].

“I tweeted it years ago. Can I breathe? I even inspired J Hus’ song, ‘Who Told You Bad Man Don’t Dance.’ TBaj told y’all.

“Men can dance, they can legwork but respectfully. Because if you’ve a babe, you can’t be embarrassing her like that.”

This light-hearted claim follows a series of events in March 2023 when Tolani Baj faced criticism for a tweet expressing her preference for men to sit down rather than dance in clubs. In the tweet, she mentioned, “I get turned off when a guy dances in the club. Like sit down and pretend to be a big boy.” After receiving backlash, she clarified her stance on the BTS Reality audio-visual podcast in April, explaining that her message was misinterpreted.

“I feel like a lot of people understood what I meant but they chose to misunderstand me,” she said.

Tolani Baj elaborated further, saying, “If you are going to go to the club, I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to dance or be cool, but why are you dancing aggressively and seeking attention?”

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