WizKid Lashes Out at Overzealous Fans: ‘Get Out of My DM!’

WizKid Lashes Out at Overzealous Fans Get Out of My webp
WizKid Lashes Out at Overzealous Fans Get Out of My webp

Popular singer WizKid expressed frustration with overzealous women flooding his DM after he mentioned wanting to kiss in a movie. The singer is considering a six-year break from music and wants to start acting in action movies, but he was upset with the attention he received from women wanting to be chosen for the kissing scenes. He expressed his desire to choose who he kisses and also mentioned his hidden talent of wanting to slap people in movies. WizKid lashed out at the women invading his DM and expressed irritation at how their messages made him forget his original question for his fans online.

Popular singer, WizKid has lashed out at overzealous ladies storming his DM after he opened up on his desire to kiss in a movie, as he opens up on his hidden talent.

The singer had earlier stated that he is currently contemplating moving his time off from music to six years.

He revealed that this decision is motivated by how much he is currently enjoying his vacation.

Wizkid opened up on wanting to start acting action movies where he would be shooting guns and kissing ladies.

Ladies had apparently flooded his DM with requests to be chosen for the kiss.

Wizkid blew hot and asked them all to get out of his DM.

According to him, he would be the one to choose whom he chooses to kiss. He was also disappointed because their messages made him forget what he wanted to ask fans online.

In another post, he revealed that he would also like to be slapping people in movies because it is his hidden talent.

He wrote …
“Abeg na me go pick who I go kiss 0. All this ppl wey Dey my dm gerrout!
Now I don forget my question.. everybody gerrout! “

See his Instagram posts below …


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