Yoruba Cleric Solomon Oba Defends Womanising Lifestyle Despite Fan’s Plea for Repentance

“I will never give my life to Christ, I will continue to womanise” – Popular Cleric, Solomon Oba
Yoruba Cleric Solomon Oba Defends Womanising Lifestyle Despite Fan's Plea

Nigerian Yoruba Cleric, Solomon Oba, has announced that he will not give up his womanizing habits to follow Christ, despite a fan urging him to repent in a social media message. Solomon stated that he will continue to live his life as he pleases, arguing that he should be allowed to do so since Jesus also lived his own life. He received widespread criticism from Nigerians on social media for his remarks.

Renowned Nigerian Yoruba Clergyman, Solomon Oba, has publicly announced that he has no intention of surrendering his life to Christ, as he wishes to continue his womanizing lifestyle.

This statement was made shortly after a random fan exceeded their limits and preached to him through his social media account.

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The enthusiastic fan urged him to repent and give up his passion for womanizing in anticipation of an unknown and imminent rapture event.

In response, Solomon declined the offer and openly stated that he will continue indulging in his womanizing lifestyle, asserting that it is vastly different from God’s ways.

In a widely circulated video, the Clergyman expressed his sentiments in the Yoruba language, saying:

“I will never surrender my life to Christ because Jesus lived His life, and I will live mine as well. Jesus’ mother’s name was Mary, while my mother’s name is Funmilayo.”

Nigerians flooded his social media account, sharing their opinions based on their personal beliefs.


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