: Behind the Innocent Mask: The Horrifying Crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer

Behind the Innocent Mask The Horrifying Crimes of Jeffrey

This content discusses the life and crimes of American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer, known for his murders and dismemberment of teenage boys, had a troubled childhood and developed a fascination with bones and dead animals. He struggled with his sexuality and began acting out violent sexual fantasies. Dahmer’s first murder occurred when he lured a hitchhiker to his apartment and killed him. He continued to kill and dismember his victims, often keeping their body parts as trophies. Despite attempts by his father to help him, Dahmer’s addiction to alcohol and his murderous urges persisted, resulting in a death toll of over 10 victims.
Despite the great status and history of America, they have recorded an enormous number of cruel statuses who found taste in torturing and killing in numbers as a key pleasure to their temperaments. They are however vastly precarious amid how you would with no hesitation dangle in their trap because of the innocent view of their appearance and public gesture. They developed an extraordinary quality in disguising themselves as naive amongst the citizens while devouring their victims behind closed doors. This is why they are identified as ‘Serial Killers’ Jeffrey Dahmer walking into the courtroom for his trial

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According to several sources, a serial killer is a person who commits vast murder for no apparent justification out of passion, pleasure addiction or mental disorder. From the above definition, you could tell the bizarre view of traumas civilians have suffered at the hands of cruel beings who developed pleasure in killing. This has played a big role in the life of one the American most notorious serial killers, Jeffery Dahmer whose crimes are still being explored to date.

Jeffery Dahmer during his trial

Jeffrey Dahmer is recognised in the history of mankind as one of the most notorious American Serial killers that killed and dismembered over 17 bodies of teenagers to his taste between 1971 to 197. A few of the vital views, of why Jeffrey is extremely dangerous, are encircled by his passion for necrophilia, Cannibalism and the preservation of body parts including his victim’s skeleton.

Before his precarious habitual nightmare evolved he had quite experienced a challenging childhood.

Early Life

Young Jeffrey Dahmer and his parents, Lionel Dahmer and Joyce Annette.

Dahmer was born May 21, 1960, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was one of the two sons of Joyce Annette and Lionel Dahmer. She grew up in an intense environment of two abusive parents who are always caught with their aggressive emotions. Several sources disclosed that he lacked parental care and was snubbed as he even grew bigger. This played a big role in the life of his mother Joyce whose influence exploited him. While Jeffery grew bigger and enrolled on high school, he was still stocked under the darkness of the dearth of solidarity and care from his aggressive parents. He relocated away from home at an early age in his life that even further damaged his mental health.

Before exiting his home, Jeffery had long ago developed a bizarre preoccupy of ‘Abandonment’ which was only discovered by his teacher who couldn’t rehabilitate him. Due to his parent’s negligence, he remained with the mental challenge and grew up with it. At 4 years old, Jeffery developed a crucial passion for bones and dead animals after he watched his father preserve and dismantled several animals. According to his father, Jeffery would confess his love for the sound of bones and how he intends to own a vast number of them. His passion for bones from dead animals even grew vast to the extent that he was always caught up in the act of searching for dead bones. His relationship with his father became alive again as his passion for dead animals grew hefty. His father who wasn’t aware of the trauma he was exposing him to proudly led him deep into dismantling, preserving and dismembering animals which he captured with ease and practised with animals around him to the extent that he couldn’t resist the act of murdering them by himself.

At school, Dahmer was seen as an outcast and had begun drinking beer and hard alcohol during daylight hours at the age of 14. In his freshman year, he was seen by the teachers as uncommunicative, polite and highly intelligent but with average grades. His competitive nature in tennis never distracted his love for alcohol which he mostly smuggled into the classroom with the claim that it discards his pain.

At the age of 16, he discovered that he was gay over how he was sexually attracted to men’s chests and torsos. He began fantasising about dominating and controlling a completely submissive male of his choice. The dream thrust him to act upon his passion. Despite the nature of his age, he disguised himself in the bush and waited for his victim who never showed up. That was the first time he attempted to completely surrender his victim and sexually takes advantage of him. The fantasies accumulated to the point that he developed pleasure with possibly dismantling his victims and completely owning them as his sexual and strange desire vessels.

This desire flipped after Jeffery learned that his parents still couldn’t hold onto their union and divorced. He continued to gulp an enormous volume of alcohol at a young age and continued to grow into a monster.

In May 1978, Dahmer graduated from high school and three weeks after his graduation, he committed his first murder.

Massive killings
Jeffrey Dahmer and his victims

This was centred on a hitchhiker named Steven Mark Hicks. It all transpired after Dahmer lured him to his apartment with the smart motive of convincing him to take some beer with him. Easily, Mark compromised with his intention and followed him to his apartment. After they had gulped high volumes of alcohol and engaged in a long-term conversation, Mark wanted to leave but was held back by Dahmer who was already engulfed with sexual feelings but couldn’t open up to Mark. Knowing that Mark is straight and the aggressive way he had declined all his sexual attitude toward him, he nattily picked a 10-pound (4.5 kg) dumbbell and struck him on the head two times. Mark fell unconsciously on the ground inviting Dahmer who strangled him to death with the bar of the dumbbell. Under the influence of his sexual feelings, he stripped him and robbed his chest while masturbating as he stood above the deceased. After a long phase of pleasure, he dragged the corpse into the basement. The following morning, Dahmer dissected Mark’s body and buried his remains in a shallow grave where he would come back and unearth it several weeks later. After unearthing the corpse, he pared the flesh from the bone, dissolved the flesh in acid and flushed it down the toilet. He further crushed the bones into ashes with a sledgehammer and scattered them in the woodland behind the family home.

His taste for murder and control over his victims slowed slightly after his father returned to his apartment to find out that Jeffery has evolved to become a drunkard. He tried effortlessly to stop him from the addiction by exposing him to several vocations including the Military, A mixer at a chocolate firm, a phlebotomist and several undisclosed vocations. Despite the view of this, Lionel still failed in his attempt to quench Jeffery’s addiction as it even evolved into an intense smoking and drinking habit.

The chocolate company where Jeffery Dahmer worked as a mixer

His sexual nightmare sparked again after his father sent him to live with his grandmother in an attempt to correct his bizarre taste for Alcohol. Jeffery disguised himself in full and gained the trust of his Grandmother who gave up her child protection for Jeffery’s trust. This gave him the full opportunity to verge on with his sexual quest. He became free to the extent that he stole a male mannequin from a store, which he briefly used for sexual stimulation until his grandmother discovered the item stowed in a closet and demanded that he discard it. He never gave up on his desires and further discovered a gay bathhouse that he frequently visited to have an affair with gays. He indulged in this act severally until he got frustrated at how his victims moved during sexual affairs. His fantasies thrust him to drug his victims each time they visited the bathhouse. While they fell deeply asleep amid the effect of the sleeping pills, he would comfortably sexualize them. He continued the same act until it exceeded another dimension that involved luring his victims to his Grandmother’s apartment, killing, cannibalising, dismembering and keeping the skulls and remains of his favourite victims. The act continued until he recorded a death tally of over 10 victims. The number increased to 17 after he left…

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