: “Labour Unions Accuse Government of Deception as Subsidy Palliative Meeting Fails to Hold”

Labour leaders clash with FG over subsidy palliatives
Labour Unions Accuse Government of Deception as Subsidy Palliative webp

President Tinubu has proposed a subsidy palliative to help alleviate the hardships faced by Nigerians due to the removal of fuel subsidy. However, organized labour unions accuse the government of not attending a scheduled meeting, claiming that the government is using the meetings as a way to deceive Nigerians. The labour unions plan to embark on a nationwide strike on August 2 in protest of the recent increase in the pump price of petrol. The government claims that progress has been made in the meetings, but the NLC remains steadfast in their strike plans.
President Tinubu’s proposed subsidy palliative is aimed at mitigating the hardship caused by the removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria. However, the organized labor believes that the government is not approaching the issue correctly. Representatives of the labor unions were disappointed when the Federal Government did not attend a meeting they had agreed upon. The meeting was intended to discuss President Tinubu’s proposed subsidy palliative and receive updates from the government’s subcommittees on mass transit, compressed natural gas, and cash transfer. This meeting was meant to follow up on their previous meeting held on Wednesday. The labor union has announced plans for a nationwide strike on August 2 in response to the recent increase in petrol prices. They accused the government of using the meetings as a tactic to deceive Nigerians. The absence of government representatives from the Presidential Steering Committee on Subsidy Palliatives further fueled their suspicions. The labor delegation visited the Chief of Staff to the President’s office but left soon after, claiming that the government was not prepared for the meeting. The Chief of Staff, however, had been waiting for their arrival alongside other team members. The delay in the labor delegation’s entry into the State House was due to clearance issues at the gate. Despite the ongoing meetings between the Federal Government and the labor unions, the NLC remains committed to conducting the planned nationwide strike on August 2. The government argues that the strike is legally restrained based on an order from the National Industrial Court. The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, has advised the union to seek alternative means of negotiation instead of defying the court’s orders. In a communiqué, the NLC NEC members supported the decisions made by the Central Working Committee, including the reversal of anti-poor policies, the release of withheld salaries, and an increase in VAT. They also called for the immediate inauguration of the Presidential Steering Committee and the organization of mass protest rallies across the nation. The NEC gave the Federal Government a seven-day ultimatum to meet their demands before embarking on a nationwide strike starting from August 2. They criticized the government’s lack of seriousness in addressing the impact of petrol price hikes and announced the formation of strategy committees in all states to mobilize support for the protests.

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