A-Q – God’s Engineering 2 (Album)

A-Q is a prominent Nigerian rap artist and songwriter who has proven to be a force to be reckoned with “Man Made,

In the Nigerian music industry. His unique style of rap music and ability to compose meaningful lyrics has placed him in the hearts of many music lovers across the country.


His debut album, “God’s Engineering 2,” is a testament to his exceptional talent and creativity. The album features a collection of well-crafted songs that reflect his personal experiences, struggles, and triumphs. Each track is a masterpiece that showcases his exceptional vocal skills, lyrical prowess, and ability to blend different genres of music.


One of the standout tracks from the album is “Man Made,” which is an exceptional single that showcases A-Q’s ability to create a perfect balance between rap and soul music. The song is an emotional journey that reflects on the struggles of being human and how we are all products of our environment.


Overall, “God’s Engineering 2” is a masterpiece that showcases A-Q’s exceptional talent and creativity. The album is a must-have for anyone who loves good music and appreciates the art of songwriting. If you are looking for an album that will take you on an emotional journey and leave you feeling inspired, then “God’s Engineering 2” is the perfect album for you.