Man Sparks Controversy After Retrieving Accessories from Ex-Girlfriend

Nigerian man storms fiance’s residence, retrieves all the accessories he gifted her after she served him heartbreak (Video)
Man Sparks Controversy After Retrieving Accessories from Ex Girlfriend

A Nigerian man has received mixed reactions after retrieving accessories from his ex-girlfriend. In a video that went viral, he proudly showed off the bags and phones he had acquired from his ex. Some people criticized him for his actions, while others supported his decision. The man declared that even though the items were meant for women, he still wanted them. The video has sparked a heated debate among Nigerians on social media platforms.

A man from Nigeria has sparked controversy after taking an unusual approach to cope with heartbreak.

In a viral video, the man can be seen excited and proud after retrieving items allegedly belonging to his ex-girlfriend.

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According to him, he went to his ex-fiance’s place and took back everything he had given her before they broke up.

In his public declaration of happiness, he mentioned that even though the items (mostly bags and phones) are designed for women, he needs them for himself.

While some Nigerians criticized his actions on social media, others supported him.

Watch the video below:


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