suggestion: “Nollywood Actress Queeneth Agbor Opens Up About Her Displeasure with Stingy Men”

suggestion Nollywood Actress Queeneth Agbor Opens Up About Her Displeasure

Nollywood veteran Queeneth Agbor expressed her dislike for stingy men during a recent interview. She stated that she would never date a man who is unwilling to give money to his partner and finds it incredibly awful when men make promises they don’t fulfill. Agbor emphasized that stinginess and a man’s inability to keep his word are deal breakers for her, and she would immediately end the relationship if she discovers these qualities. Nigerians reacted strongly to her comments on social media.

Nollywood veteran, Queeneth Agbor, expressed her dissatisfaction with stingy men, making it clear that she would never date a stingy man.

This revelation came during a recent interview where she expressed her disdain for men who are not generous with their money towards their partners.


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She highlighted her belief that it is truly terrible for men to make promises and then fail to fulfill them.

In conclusion, she made it known that she would end any relationship once she discovers that the man is stingy.

Her exact words:

“My main deal breaker in a relationship is stinginess and a man who doesn’t keep his word. The feeling I have for him will disappear as if it never existed (laughs).”

Nigerians couldn’t contain their reactions and responded heavily on all social media platforms.


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