suggestion: “Naira Marley Explains Why He Speaks Yoruba Fluently Despite Growing Up in London”

“Why I speak Yoruba fluently even though I grew up in London” – Naira Marley

Naira Marley, a Nigerian rapper and singer, explained in an interview that he speaks Yoruba fluently despite growing up in London because his father banned speaking English in their house. This restriction sparked his passion for Nigerian culture, and he embraced it wholeheartedly. He described his upbringing in South-East London as being similar to living in Lagos, and expressed his love for Nigerian music and food. Naira Marley stated that when he returned to Nigeria, people didn’t even realize he had come from London because he blended in so well with the Nigerian culture.

Naira Marley, the Nigerian ace Rapper and singer, explained why he is fluent in the Yoruba dialect despite growing up in London.

During a recent interview with Cool FM, he revealed that his father played a significant role in this achievement.

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According to him, while they were living in London, his father prohibited them from speaking English. This decision ignited his passion for Nigerian culture, which he fully embraced.

He expressed his deep love for Nigerian culture and has never regretted his father’s decision.

He stated:

“What made it easy for me [to blend with Nigerian street music] is that I grew up in South-East London, specifically in Peckham. It’s like a mini Lagos, you know what I mean?”

“And throughout my life in England, my dad banned speaking English at home. So, we had to speak Yoruba and engage in all these cultural activities. I still listen to Fuji music. We eat African food. Even though I’m in England, it feels like I’m still in Nigeria. Yeah, it was easy for me. When I returned [to Nigeria], people didn’t really know I came from London.”


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