Why Simi Left Gospel Music for Afrobeat: The Financial Struggles and Transformation

“I was paid 5k as a Gospel singer” Afrobeat singer, Simi reveals why she dumped Gospel music

Nigerian Afrobeat singer Simi, formerly known as a Gospel artist, has revealed why she transitioned to the Afrobeat genre. Speaking on MTV Base Africa’s Official Naija Top 10 programme, Simi stated that she left Gospel music due to the poor financial compensation she received for her performances. She mentioned that she would typically be paid between 5,000 to 10,000 Naira (approximately $12 to $25) when performing in churches, with the highest sum she earned being 70,000 Naira ($180). Despite the lack of financial support, Simi still paid a 10% tithe to her church. Her revelation sparked a strong reaction on social media.

Nigerian Afrobeat singer and songwriter, Simisola, known popularly as Simi, has revealed why she transitioned from Gospel music to the Afrobeat genre.

During an appearance on MTV Base Africa’s Official Naija Top 10 program, she shared that she used to be paid between 5k and 10k whenever she performed in churches.

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She explained that the main reason she left the Gospel genre for Afrobeat was due to the lack of financial stability, mentioning that the highest amount she earned during that time was 70k.

In addition, she revealed that even though she had poor funding, she still paid 10% tithe to her congregation.

Her words:

“I actually used to go to a lot of churches to perform. They would pay me like N5k, N10k. Do you know the highest amount of money I actually collected when I was doing gospel [music]? N70,000. And I felt like I had arrived. I still paid a 10 percent tithe from the money.”

Nigerians couldn’t hold back their reactions and expressed their opinions through various social media platforms.


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