Renaissance: A Beyonce Concert Film

Renaissance A Beyonce Concert Film
Renaissance A Beyonce Concert Film

Beyonce released the final trailer for her concert film ‘Renaissance’ on Thanksgiving morning, featuring her children and reflecting on her journey as an artist and a mother. The teaser includes footage of her daughter Rumi and her firstborn Blue Ivy, as well as a surprise performance by Diana Ross at Beyonce’s birthday show. The Grammy winner expresses that her children are her biggest inspiration and that she has nothing left to prove as an artist. The concert film will have a worldwide opening on December 1, following a dual world premiere in Los Angeles on November 25.

Beyonce released a final trailer for ‘Renaissance’ A Concert Film The upcoming documentary arrived on Thanksgiving morning.

The two-minute teaser kicks off with a sideways home video before Beyonce reveals who the camera person is when she addresses them: “Rumi, now can I teach you a trick? You gotta turn it to the side!”

With that intro featuring her young daughter, whom she shares with husband Jay-Z, Beyonce sets up the focus of her latest trailer — her children and what they mean to her. Beyonce explains as She said.

“Time is my biggest obstacle. It’s impossible to not realize how fast it’s going when you’re looking through the eyes of your children,”

she begins in the voiceover, as an image of Blue Ivy –the couple’s firstborn — performing on stage with Beyonce appears.

“I think about all of my heroes and all that they endured,” the 32-time Grammy winner continues, as video of Diana Ross’ surprise performance at Beyonce’s birthday show plays. “I know that all of my struggle and sacrifice is opening the door for the next. They are the new beginning.”

Ending on a powerful note, the superstar concludes her voiceover, saying, “I have nothing to prove to anyone at this point. We are creating our own world. This is my reward. Nobody can take that away from me.”

The concert film opens worldwide Dec. 1. Ahead of that, Renaissance will have a dual world premiere in Los Angeles on Nov. 25.


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