The President of Nigeria Seeks God’s Help for Economic Boost

“God will fix Nigeria” Nigerian President, Bola Tinubu declares
The President of Nigeria Seeks God's Help for Economic Boost

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of Nigeria expressed his gratitude to the people of Ogun State for voting for him during a visit to the Awujale of Ijebuland. He acknowledged their support and declared that God will fix Nigeria’s economic challenges. Tinubu also thanked the traditional rulers present for their loyalty and support.

The President of the Republic of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has expressed his desire for God’s assistance in boosting Nigeria’s economy.

This statement was made during a visit to the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona, in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. Tinubu thanked the people of Ogun for voting for him and declared that they supported him at the right time.

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Concluding his gratitude, Tinubu expressed confidence that God will fix Nigeria, which generated significant reactions among the people.

His words:

“Very few people are as frank as you are, and I came to say thank you. I started working from the very first day. God will fix Nigeria. I want to express my gratitude to all the chiefs here.”

“Thank you for your support, and may you live long to witness a prosperous Nigeria. To all the Obas and traditional rulers present, thank you for being there for me and the country. You demonstrated loyalty by voting for me during a critical time.”


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