: “Nigerian Senator Urges Patience: Tinubu is Not a Magician”

“Tinubu never promised Nigerians magical solution” – Senator Adams Oshiomhole
Nigerian Senator Urges Patience Tinubu is Not a Magician

Nigerian Senator Adams Oshiomhole has advised Nigerians not to expect quick transformation from President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Oshiomhole stated that the former All Progressives Congress (APC) never promised magical solutions and that Nigerians should not expect them. He further expressed that the APC did not promise to solve problems within 24 hours or overnight. This statement by Oshiomhole has generated strong reactions on social media platforms from Nigerians who are frustrated with the slow pace of transformation in the country.

Nigerian Senator, Adams Oshiomhole has publicly urged Nigerians to understand that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not a magician.

During an interview with Channels Television on Sunday, the veteran Nigerian politician reminded Nigerians that they shouldn’t expect quick transformation.


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He also emphasized that the former APC never promised Nigerians a magical solution.

He stated, “They know they were not electing a magician. And nobody promised a magical solution. Don’t bother giving me an example. I know what we (APC) promised more than you.”

“Whatever is reported, we are the source. We did not promise anyone a 24-hour solution and we did not promise an overnight solution. Can you show me any document where we said ‘in 24 hours, this will be done?”

Nigerians have been expressing their anger about his plea, and it has sparked reactions on all social media platforms.


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