The Showdown: Portable vs Charles Okocha Fight Venue Revealed


A Nigerian social media influencer and event organizer, Lekan Olaleye, has shared a video of the arena where Portable and Charles Okocha are set to have their fight on his media page, @Lekankingkong.

Portable and Charles Okocha recently attended a press conference where they were shown the belt award intended for the fight’s winner on the specified date.

During the press conference, both parties threatened to beat each other severely to prove their might.

While many continue to claim the fight is a joke, the aforementioned social media influencer revealed in the attached video that the fight is serious and indeed set to take place on December 26, providing a glimpse of the venue.

The influencer’s revelation drew attention on social media, with many people taking to the comments section to share their observations.

See some reactions below:


“How much be front seat abeg. I get Short slightness.”


“This actually makes sense. Celebrities fit dey use this one settle their beef.”


“Lekan hope the elderlies are invited because I want to laugh this 2023 out.”


“Shey una wan kee portable ni una dey forget say portable dey smoke igbo one upper cut portable don faint be that o.”


“We are anticipating this fight oooo. E go pain me if e no happen sha.”


“Kingkong, make una sha no allow Portable carry banté enter boxing ring o.”


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