Love Triangle: Omah Lay, Young Johnn, and Spyro competing for Tiwa Savage’s Heart

Between Omah Lay, Young Johnn and Spyro Who is Fit To Date Tiwa Savage?
Love Triangle Omah Lay Young Johnn and Spyro competing for

Three Afrobeat artists, Omah Lay, Spyro, and Young Johnn, have all professed their love for Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage. Omah Lay was the first to shoot his shot, publicly declaring his love for Tiwa on Twitter. Young Johnn followed suit, receiving a response from Tiwa which suggested her interest. Spyro, who collaborated with Tiwa in the past, also expressed his love for her. It remains to be seen who will win Tiwa’s heart.

You may have come across the beautiful view of how these three highly profiled Afrobeat Gems identified as Omah Lay, Spyro, and Young Johnn professed their love for the Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage.

It has attracted significant attention as concerned civilians strive to know who would really win the heart of the Afrobeat Feminine, Tiwa Savage, having received impressive expressions of love from her colleagues.

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Before this saga escalated, Omah Lay emerged as the first Nigerian star to express his love for the singer, which allegedly sparked similar expressions from Young Johnn and Spyro.

The ‘Understand’ crooner took to his Twitter handle and openly confessed his love for Tiwa Savage, even using her photograph as his display picture for weeks.

As the saga heated up, Tiwa Savage remained silent, unlike Young Johnn who received a convincing reply from the enchanting mother of one after expressing his interest in the singer.

After Young John publicly tagged Tiwa Savage in his well-composed line, clearly outlining his sexual intention and aspirations with the singer, she flirted back with him.

See their flirtatious conversation below:

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When everything seemed to have settled, Spyro, who has developed a recognized bond with Tiwa Savage after collaborating with her on the remix of his hit song ‘Who Is Your Guy,’ publicly confessed his love for her. He revealed that since they have been talking a lot lately, he has gradually developed a strong attraction for her.

His words:

“Yo guys, TIWA is such an amazing soul. Super Glad I chose her for my remix.”

“I actually think I need to stop talking to her on the phone. The more we talk, the more I fall for her. MY GUYEST GUY IS TIWA.”

In the midst of these heated advances, Young Johnn emerged as the lucky suitor who was acknowledged by Tiwa Savage, although his intentions were clearly focused on a sexually related context. However, we have yet to confirm if their interactions have progressed to another level.

Considering all of this, between Young Johnn, Omah Lay, and Spyro, who do you think will win the heart of the single and searching Afrobeat beauty, Tiwa Savage?

Question of the day:

Between Omah Lay, Young Johnn, and Spyro, who is fit to date Tiwa Savage?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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