My Dilemma: Should I Marry My Sugar Mommy with 8 Grown Children?

“My Sugar Mommy wants to tie the knot with me” Nigerian man cries out
My Dilemma: Should I Marry My Sugar Mommy with

A Nigerian man is upset after his sugar mommy, who is approaching her 50s and has 8 grown children, proposed marriage to him. Despite her financial support, he doesn’t want to spend his life with her. He shared his dilemma on social media, sparking a discussion among Nigerians about whether marrying for money is acceptable.

A Nigerian man has voiced his concerns after his Sugar Mommy proposed marriage, despite having 8 grown children.

He shared this revelation on his social media account, expressing his displeasure knowing that his sugar mommy is approaching her 50s.


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Adding to his revelation, he confessed that the woman supports him financially, but he still doesn’t want to spend his life in a marriage with her.

Her words:

“I am a 32-year-old man. My life is full of confusion now. I cannot differentiate left from right. My sugar mummy wants me to marry her.”

“This woman is almost 50 years old and has 8 grown kids. I don’t want to marry an older woman. What should I do?”

Nigerians flooded social media and shared their opinions on this matter.

Question of the day:

Would you marry for money?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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