Controversy as a Strategy: Blessing Okoro Opens Up

Controversy as a Strategy Blessing Okoro Opens Up
Controversy as a Strategy Blessing Okoro Opens Up

Blessing Okoro, self-proclaimed relationship expert, has stated that controversy is a strategy for her as she is a spontaneous person. She claims that she does not chase clout and that people often use her name to trend. She also mentioned that she will not pay a tattoo artist who called her out on social media for refusing to pay for his services. In addition, she addressed her ongoing feud with a TikToker, stating that she has no personal issues with him and is simply expressing her opinions. Okoro believes that social media is a platform for self-expression and individuals should post whatever makes them happy, as long as it adheres to community guidelines.

Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, has revealed that controversy is part of her strategy, as she is a spontaneous person.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she stated, “Controversy is a strategy for me, but I don’t seek attention. People often use my name to gain popularity. I never plan to do things to gain attention. I am a spontaneous person.”

Regarding the tattoo artist, Inkmetatttoo, who accused her of not paying for his services, Blessing made it clear that she would not pay him.

She explained, “I told him not to come to Enugu because I couldn’t afford the cost. He booked a flight without informing me and only showed evidence of being at the airport. He also left before completing the tattoos. I repeatedly asked him for the cost, but he didn’t respond until two days later, when he said the tattoo cost N250,000, and his flight ticket cost N252,000. When speaking to the person who connected me to him, the tattoo artist said he would publicly shame me on social media, and I said, ‘Game on.’ The truth is I won’t pay him a dime again.”

Addressing her ongoing disagreement with TikToker Martins Otse, also known as Very Dark Black Man, Blessing clarified that she doesn’t have any personal issues with him, but rather, she is expressing her opinions.

She stated, “I don’t have any personal problems with Very Dark Black Man, I’m just sharing my opinions. He consistently makes defamatory posts about women. So when I saw him looking very scruffy, I decided to make a video. Many people accused me of shaming him for being broke, but that’s not true. When one expresses their opinions, it may seem like they’re haters. Why doesn’t he criticize the likes of Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy?”

Blessing also expressed her views on social media, stating that it is not for private individuals.

“Social media is a platform for self-expression, and individuals should post whatever they want as long as it follows community guidelines. People should post whatever they want as long as it makes them happy,” she said.


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