Controversy Surrounding Ojapiano: KCee’s Legal Battle

Five months after the release of KCee’s successful song Ojapiano, Igwe Credo Mbem accused KCee of only paying him and Ojazzy Igbonile N200k for their collaboration. KCee presented receipts showing he paid Igwe Credo a total of N1,290,000. He also claimed he welcomed them, provided food, and gave them money. KCee accused Igwe Credo and Ojazzy of performing Ojapiano without his permission and not allowing him to collect royalties from the song. KCee threatened to sue Igwe Credo, saying he is tired of people peddling lies against celebrities. He stated, “Enough is Enough!!! See you in court.”

Five months after the release of Ojapiano, a successful song by Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, better known as KCee, problems have accompanied it due to charges made by two of the performers who collaborated on the production with the singer.

Igbo musician Igwe Credo Mbem made headlines after he called out KCee, saying he and Ojazzy Igbonile, who pioneered the Ojapino sound, were paid only N200k.

The music artist, who was outraged by Igwe Credo’s actions, presented receipts for payments he made to the latter at various dates totaling N1,290,000.

KCee described how he welcomed Igwe Credo and Ojazzy, paid for their food, and handed them money when they left.

The musician said that his persistent attempts to get Igwe Credo to participate at events were denied down.

He accused Igwe Credo and Ojazzy of singing Ojapiano without his permission at several events, claiming that the song was his intellectual property.

KCee also claimed that he had yet to collect royalties from the song, which was published five months earlier, and that it was up to him to give Igwe Credo and Ojazzy royalties from it if he so desired.

The singer, who has threatened to sue Igwe Credo, wrote in the video’s caption:

“Enough is Enough!!! People constantly Peddling lies against me and other celebrities because they believe they can cow us into a corner since we are celebrities and use public sympathy against us. See you in court.”


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