: “Kenyan Cleric Bahati: Marrying One Woman Sends Men to Hell, Polygamy Should be Embraced”

“Marrying one wife will deter you from your heavenly heritage” Kenyan Cleric spills a shock
Kenyan Cleric Bahati Marrying One Woman Sends Men to

Kenyan cleric Kevin Kioko, popularly known as Bahati, expressed his views on polygamy during a TV show. He stated that marrying only one woman goes against the Bible and will send many men to hell. Bahati questioned why pastors promote monogamy when the Bible does not condemn polygamy. He used examples from the Bible, such as Solomon and David, who had multiple wives. Some people criticized Bahati for his views, calling him ignorant.

Kenyan veteran Cleric, Kevin Kioko, who is popularly known as Bahati, suggests that marrying only one woman will send many men to hell.

He expressed this belief on polygamy during the “Men’s Corner” show with his colleague, Baite.


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According to him, the Bible has never condemned polygamy. He believes it is wrong for Christian clerics to condemn polygamy and promote monogamy.

He also believes that choosing to marry only one woman would prevent many men from going to heaven.

His words:

“Why do pastors nowadays tell us to have only one wife? These pastors should show us in the Bible where God says we must have one wife.”

“I feel like something that might prevent men from going to heaven is choosing to have only one wife. God will question why I allowed Solomon and David to have many wives, but you chose to have just one.”

Some people quickly criticized his view and accused him of ignorance.


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