The Clash of Nigerian Afrobeat Sensations: Odumodublvck vs Khaid

“If I knock that your head”  Khaid and Odumodublvck clash over Headies Award Nomination
The Clash of Nigerian Afrobeat Sensations Odumodublvck vs Khaid

Two Nigerian Afrobeat artists, Odumodublvck and Khaid, are embroiled in an online clash over who deserves the ‘Rockie of the year’ award at the 2023 Headies Annual Music Awards. The feud began when a Twitter user compared their qualities, leading to a heated exchange between their fans. Khaid argued that he deserved the award more, while Odumodublvck threatened him. In response, Khaid shaded Odumodublvck and further fueled the rivalry. The clash has sparked intense reactions among their respective fan bases.

Two Nigerian Afrobeat sensations, Odumodublvck and Khaid have engaged in an intense online quarrel over their qualities.

Both stars have been nominated for the “Rockie of the year” category in the 2023 Headies Annual Music Award and have expressed their reasons why they should win.

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However, this has led to a bitter feud between Odumodublvck and Khaid, both confident of winning the award.

The clash started when a Twitter user compared their qualities, sparking intense reactions among their fans. Some believed Khaid deserved it more, while others argued that Odumodublvck deserved it even more.

In response to the comparison, Khaid vehemently dismissed it and gave more reasons why he deserved the award more than Odumodublvck.

His words:

“Evian pass Evian, Check d numbers & do the math”

After the tweet went viral, Odumodublvck responded with a threat, challenging Khaid and claiming he would knock his head.

His words:

“If I knock that your head”

Without hesitation, the 18-year-old Afrobeat Gem rephrased Odumodublvck’s lyrics and heavily shaded him, provoking even more intense reactions among their fans.

His words:

“Ebelebe Runner… Na me your father”


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