“Peace, thank you Lord” Yul Edochie applauds Judy Austin as he shades first wife, May Edochie amid their divorce saga

The Peace of Mind Amidst Divorce: Yul Edochie Opens Up

“Peace, thank you Lord” Yul Edochie applauds Judy Austin as he shades first wife, May Edochie amid their divorce saga

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has expressed his peace of mind amidst his first wife’s divorce announcement. The divorce plea came following the death of their first son and May Edochie’s claims of negligence and lack of love from Yul in favor of his second wife, Judy Austin. May Edochie publicly expressed her grief and gratitude for the support she has received. Yul Edochie responded by thanking the Lord for his peace. Some Nigerians criticized Yul for his behavior towards his first wife.

Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie has surprisingly announced his peace of mind amid his first wife’s divorce plea saga.

Months after Yul Edochie’s first Son died from the complication of a heart seizure, his first wife, May Edochie publicly announced her plan to divorce the Nollywood actor over his negligence and lack of love in favour of Judy Austin, his second wife.

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She publicised her new marital dissolution advances severally which caught the attention of the public mass. This came shortly after she expressed her grief for the first time since losing her first son to death.

Describing her pain, she said:

“Words are not enough to express our gratitude to you all. In all of these ordeals, we believe that this immeasurable loss is heaven’s gain.”

“When you loose a husband, you are called a widow…..
You loose a wife, a widower….
You loose a father, fatherless….
You loose a mother, motherless….
You loose both parents, an orphan….
You loose a sibling, “forgotten mourner”….
Other than vilomah which means “against a natural oder”, I cannot find an English word for loosing a child. I do not think there’s any death as intense and painful as loosing one’s child. We are still in inexpressible grief, however, I want you all to know that we are fine by God’s special grace.”

“Indeed the uncertainty of tomorrow remains a mystery and some occurrences are unforgettable but we just have to find a way to live with them no matter how painful and difficult they are.”

“The incredible love and support from you all my family, friends and well wishers all around the globe through various means are unimaginable and unconditional. In recent times, we have experienced the most devastating and traumatic circumstances of life but your prayers have kept us going.
My friends and family have been a great pillar and helped me through the process in the most amazing ways. All the brands I represent have been kind and patient. Life left me in a state of resigning myself to fate with a meaningless and overwhelming feeling, but you, my amazing fans, stood by me even in my absence. This love is “God’s grace” and can only be described as both the wonder and awe of serendipity.”

“We truly appreciate and cannot thank you all enough, and sincerely hope that everything sums up into enabling us stand the tragic loss and panic.
We only have God’s blessings to offer in return and pray that affliction will never rise in your homes in Jesus name.”

“It is impossible to forget a child so he’ll always remain the second of my four adorable children. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Almighty my sweet angel, Kambilnachukwu, until we meet again.”

Astonishingly, Yul Edochie snubbed pressure and vastly shaded May Edochie with the claim that his second wife, Judy Austin is his peace of mind.

He simply wrote:

“Peace, Thank you lord”

Nigerians immediately swerved to judgement and heavily lambasted Yul Edochie for repeatedly shading his first wife, May Edochie.

See his post below;

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