Bible Praise Over Twerking: Ivy Ifeoma’s Unique Take on the Ceiling Challenge

Paul Okoye’s girlfriend Ivy Ifeoma participated in the ceiling challenge, where women shake their backsides. While a Nigerian student was expelled for the challenge, Ivy faced no consequences. Instead of twerking, she danced with a Bible and praised God. Her actions prompted varied reactions, with some mocking her, claiming she has no body to show for the challenge. Others commented that she is not funny or decent. Overall, Nigerians mocked Ivy for joining the challenge, suggesting that she doesn’t have the body for it and criticizing her lack of “goods” for the challenge.

Ivy Ifeoma, the girlfriend of Nigerian singer Paul Okoye of PSquare, has got citizens talking after taking the viral ceiling challenge.

Social media has recently been taken over by some young ladies who take part in the ceiling challenge, which involves shaking their backsides.

A Nigerian student was even expelled from her university as a result of the challenge, which involves taping one’s phone to the ceiling and recording one’s raunchy dance moves.

However, Paul Okoye’s girlfriend did not appear to face any consequences for her interpretation of the viral challenge. Ivy posted her version on her TikTok page.

The young lady was seen videotaping her phone against the ceiling before returning to begin her dance moves. Instead of twerking, Ivy Ifeoma pulled out her Bible and was seen jumping to praise God.

Her actions have gotten a lot of citizens to react differently….

“Firstly, I wasn’t expecting anything because she doesn’t have anything to show so yeah I wasn’t surprised.”

“Thank agidi I for fear say watin you wan shake your bone.”

“No time wey I see this girl wey I no laugh.”

“Na lie, she no get nyash. Me self no get nyash na why I no do .”

“Dey play! Dey deceive urself!” mzsylviaaa: “Is it not somebody that have yansh that will twerk?”

“Which yansh she wan take use do the challenge before.” ariadne_nyx: “Wetin she wan throwback before.”

“She for do am na.” botellascubesdrinks: “Wahala for who no be decent girl.”

“She no get the goods.” xx_chijokz: “E no dey funny again.”

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